Sander van den Oever

Sander van den Oever
Computer Science student

Track: Software Technology
Interests: Software (Web) Engineering
Occupation: PHP Developer

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Cool stuff! Our chapter for the DESOSA book has just been published. The course staff merged all different chapters into a single book. For this they have used GitBook. You can see the current version of the book at We got some really good grades for our chapter (on youtube-dl) so we were really pleased with the final result. Next to that I also had the final assessment for Software Re-engineering. We had to give a presentation about our refactorings and we were questioned by our professor. We scored an okay-ish grade, I hoped for a better result but since I could have spend more time on this course I don’t think that a higher grade would be fair.

Quarter 4

Yes, 4, already! That means a couple of things. First of all; new courses! This quarter I will be following the Multimedia Search and Recommendation (MSSR) course. It’s a core subject and also a brand new course. The lectures tend to be a bit chaotic as the teachers are still finding out what works best, but they are also really open to suggestions on how to improve. That’s actually another thing I like about TU Delft, you can just discuss basically anything with the teachers/professors. I’ve experienced that within other universities there is a more hierarchical system, while in Delft we tend to work / communicate like everyone is equally ‘ranked’. Of course this depends on the university and even the specific teachers. Anyway, within MMSR we gain knowledge on different search and recommendation methodologies. After a common core we could choose one of the specializations; MMSR Analytics or MMSR Systems. I liked the description of the Systems track more, and I’ll try to give an update on that specific track soon. Next to MMSR I follow the Language Engineering Lab. As I have followed the Compiler Construction course this was an easy pick. Within this project me and my teammate have to define a compiler that transforms Rascal grammars into the Spoofax grammars. Both Rascal and Spoofax allow you to design your own languages. In order to transform one of the grammars into the other you need to have a deep understanding of the different aspects of this language.

Teaching Assistant

The remainder of my time I will be using to assist several teams within the second year Contextproject. This project is a testdrive for the final Bachelorproject. The Contextproject, however, does offer more guidance than the Bachelorproject. I’m involved with two different projects, each of which have several teams participating. I assist Rafael Bidarra with his Computer Games context and I assist Alberto Bacchelli with the Virtual Humans for Serious Gaming project. For the Computer Games context I need to make sure that the students are able to finish the products, with enough features, while the deadline is still realistic. For the Virtual Humans context I am a Software Engineering TA. Rather than supervising the ‘context’ I need to ensure that the delivered products are of good quality, SCRUM is being applied properly, etc. It’s really fun to guide such projects and you can even learn a lot while doing so.

3,.. 2,.. 1,.. Summertime!

Back in the days, when you had holidays throughout the entire year,.. I honestly miss that, a lot. But since we are in Q4 that means that summer is only one quarter away now!

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