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Sander van den Oever
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Posted on October 3rd, 2016

Back to Work

Hi all!

So, yeah, summer break is over *sadface*. After seeing France and Mallorca we’re now stuck in the lecture halls again, which ain’t that bad considering the weather of the past few days. 😉


So this quarter I will be following three courses;

  • Compiler Construction – the course I took last year but which I had to drop halfway because I did not invest enough time. This year it’s easier as I’ve seen all material already. So I can try to focus more on the lab assignments. The first part I do not have to hand in, as I completed it last year already. However the second part I failed last year, so I’ll have to re-do that one (and the third part which I did not even start). 🙂 So far so good, but it’ll get more difficult when the second/third parts will start.
  • Seminar Programming Languages – within this course we have to prepare papers which we will discuss during our meetings. Twice a week we gather with all students and the teacher (group of approx. 12 people) and we discuss the contents of the papers. I can tell you, some papers are really hard to follow/understand.
  • Mining Software Repositories – within this course we learn how to analyze repositories (such as Git/SVN repositories) or related data. This analysis can be used to find relations between (e.g.) the experience of a developer and the number of bugs (s)he introduces. This course requires a lot of time, assignments are big and are close to each other. So far we are doing a decent job however.

How to.. prepare for Delft?

When working on group assignments in Delft it is inevitable that you will work with other students (from different countries/bachelors). You really notice the differences when working together. In my experience newstudents often (definitely not always) have way more specific knowledge on subjects than students that followed the Bachelor Computer Science in Delft. Delft tends to provide a broad foundation of knowledge which enables you to learn specific stuff more easily. I do see some students (either new or not) struggling with some stuff, so what stuff is useful to be familiar with when you want to follow this master? I’ve created a small list below;

  • Git – really learn how to git. A lot of courses use it, or assume you know git. Try some tutorials like this Interactive JavaScript tutorial or this GitHub Git tutorial. Being a student you can apply for the Student Discount pack at GitHub. Using the pack, you can create unlimited private repositories to experiment with git. If you need a nice graphical interface to git you might want to check out SourceTree.
  • Java / Python / … – it’s always good to know more languages. It’s best if you master at least one language. You can follow some of the courses/tutorials that are offered on many sites like e.g. Codecademy.
  • LaTeX – some basic knowledge of LaTeX can be really useful. Many students prefer to use TeX to write their papers and reports. There are a couple of online TeX environments (like ShareLaTeX and Overleaf) so using those you won’t need to install anything on your local machine.

You can definitely learn all of this while studying here, but knowing some of this upfront can really help you and ease the courses for you! 🙂

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