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February 2017
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Only 4 more courses to go

Hi all,

It has been a while since the last blog. I planned on writing a blog around the Christmas break, but I was occupied with some of my courses. Last Friday I had the last of my exams; Behaviour Change Support Systems. That exam concluded the second quarter of this year. I wanted to highlight a couple of things that kept me busy during this quarter.

Behaviour Change Support Systems

This course was about building applications that focus on changing / learning behaviour. To understand the concepts here we learned about many psychological and behaviour related models. During the course we had to design our own system so that we could apply the theory in practice. My team worked on an application that would motivate people to take the stairs instead of the elevator. This sounds fairly simple, but there are many things that you should consider when designing such an application. The course follows the four stages as in the design strategy as discussed by Wendel (2013, O’Reilly Media); understanding, discovering, designing and refining.

Four Design Stages of Behaviour

Four Design Stages of Behaviour

Compiler Construction

Finished, at last. I finished the last lab assignments and we learned the last theories behind garbage collection, register allocation, parsing algorithms, etc. The exam was pretty tough, I didn’t manage to finish in time because we had to write a lot of (intermediate) results. I hope that it has been enough to pass the course.

Data Science for the 99%

If I’d be able to recommend any course, I’d definitely recommend this one by Felienne Hermans. The MOOC is not too interesting for Computer Science students, or well, it’s fairly easy probably. But the project makes the course really interesting. Together with some of my fellow students we’ve built a visualisation of the Master enrolments data. The application has been built using a Lumen powered API and a simple, Bootstrap styled, Plotly.JS powered HTML page. Using the dynamic visualisations one can easily get an overview of all the data that normally gets presented from a huge Excel sheet (thousands of entries that is). The visualisation is useful for the marketing department, which liked it very much. They even said they might want to show it to the Executive Board, in which case we could present it ourselves to the board. Anyway, I was very pleased with the outcome of this project.

Master Enrolment data visualised in a tool

Master Enrolment data visualised in a tool


Next to several side-projects I’m also a volunteer for the CoderDojo Nederland organisation. We organise coding events for children from 7 up to 17 years old. They can learn how to build their own website, game or robots free of charge. Each month I help organising one of the so called dojo’s. It’s really fun to help these kids with getting started, explaining the basics, and see what they end up with when they try a bit on their own. Delft also has a local CoderDojo group ( CoderDojo is an international initiative so chances are that there’s a CoderDojo group near you too.

CoderDojo celebrating its 1-year anniversary

CoderDojo celebrating its 1-year anniversary

So, that’s (part of) what kept me busy in the past quarter. Next quarter there will be two new courses for me, while I also assist in the Software Architecture course that I took last year. The countdown has started,.. only 4 more courses until I have completed them all. The last (minor) thing to do then is the Master thesis project, more about that in a future blog.



Why this site do not have other languages?

    Hi Acuvue,

    I’m not sure whether I understand your question. This blog is in English as it’s the primary language for the Master programmes. What languages are you missing? 🙂

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