Sander van den Oever

Sander van den Oever
Computer Science student

Track: Software Technology
Interests: Software (Web) Engineering
Occupation: PHP Developer

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We are already halfway Q3. Time is flying by. At this point I’m following two new courses; Information Retrieval and Intelligent User Experience Engineering. Within Information Retrieval we learn about search engines, indexing, (web)scraping, Machine Learning (related to IR) and much more. The course is accompanied by a nice project and an individual assignment (literature survey). The other course (IUXE) is mostly about the project; we have to develop a method for a robot (NAO) to interact with childhood cancer patients and act like a personal buddy for these kids while they undergo their treatments. Very interesting! Last but not least I’m assisting the Software Architecture course, which I followed myself last year.


Last week I was present at the Master Event to represent the Software Technology track. Rucha was there for the Data Science and Technology track. Together we got a lot of questions about the Computer Science program and the differences between the tracks. One of the questions was about why I like studying in Delft and what I like about the program. The program I’ve mentioned a lot already, but what I like most is the freedom you get. There are some constraints (the common core), but other than that you are really free to choose any course you like. You can specialize in the fields that you find interesting. Secondly, Delft has a good reputation, which offers a really good perspective for the future. Companies are really eager to have you on board. But why not study Computer Science somewhere else? Honestly, I followed my Bachelors here and I got really attached to Delft, so I just did not want to leave Delft behind. I chose Delft previously because it has a really nice university and campus. Furthermore I liked the atmosphere, which you can experience during Shadow Days (I can really recommend that!). And of course, there’s the historical city centre with its many pubs and restaurants. Every once in a while I grab a movie with some friends and a drink afterwards. Even in the winter it’s really nice to sit outside.

Promo Team EEMCS – Master Event March ’16


Last Sunday the weather was really nice, some sunshine (yes!), nice temperature. So I decided to walk to Scheveningen Beach with my girlfriend. It turns out that it is quite a walk, but it is a nice one. I wrote about Scheveningen earlier, it’s just a nice place to visit to stretch your legs, walk on the beach or just release the exam stress. When the weather is nice you can be amazed by the amount of people that go there. 🙂

Next time I hope to give some more info on the projects we’ve been working on; show some cool results for instance, but right now it’s mostly drafts and design proposals.

See ya!

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