Sander van den Oever

Sander van den Oever
Computer Science student

Track: Software Technology
Interests: Software (Web) Engineering
Occupation: PHP Developer

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Hi all! As the holidays are here there are no more lectures for me to follow until Q1 starts. That leaves me a lot of time to do stuff I really enjoy. One of those things is developing software. That’s why I will be working at bunq during the summer. This also helps me to prepare for my thesis in the end, which I will be completing at the same company. So, maybe you don’t really know what “bunq” is; it’s a ‘fintech’ company. Officially speaking it’s a bank (with a license and all) but bunq rather sees itself as a tech-company that happens to have a banking license. So what I really like there is that they’ve build everything from scratch, with a few simple design principles in mind. The codebase however is quite big, and it is always challenging to understand the structure of such a project.

Working at the company where I will be doing my thesis also allows me to orientate for possible thesis topics. As my supervisor is focusing his research on software testing and software evolution it seems obvious to go that way. At this point I’m really intrigued by the onboarding process for a software project; I think a lot of time can be saved here so I’ll be looking into possible studies there. I still have a lot of time left anyway to decide.

Apart from working I also try to enjoy some of my spare time; I went to Nijmegen to support my girlfriend at the Vierdaagse (Four Days Marches). The weather was really awesome and the atmosphere was also great. I rather not walk 4 times 40km / day but I have a lot of respect for those who participated. Furthermore I went for some shopping in the Hague, dropped some of my friends off at Schiphol Airport and planned meetings. We’re still talking to multiple parties for the enrolment analysis tool. I’ve managed to get a Single-Sign On setup working, so now we can authenticate users with the official NetID system used here at the university.

Vierdaagse @ Nijmegen

Vierdaagse @ Nijmegen

Vierdaagse @ Nijmegen with friends / family.

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