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December 2017
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Party eh thesistime!

Hi all,

So time is passing by really fast again; I’ve finished lectures for my last course (Security and Cryptography) which means I am now full time in Amsterdam at bunq for my thesis. 😀

So far I’ve mostly been working rather than doing anything for the thesis though. When I started full time it was in the week before a big update event, so a lot of time was spent by everyone on the new features that were about to be launched. It’s really tempting to just forget about the entire thesis, but after all the craziness of the update, I finally started with the actual literature study. So I want to look into something in the direction of Program Comprehension and Traceability of features to code and vice versa. My ultimate goal is to enable developers to get up to speed in a big existing framework without too much efforts (right now a developer needs to spend a lot of time on getting familiar with the structure, coding style, etc.). It would save a lot of time (and hence costs) when developers were to be top efficient earlier on. So I’ve been reading up on visualisation techniques, automatic tracing techniques, etc. I already started making a lot of notes and writing the rough outline of my thesis. I have a great supervisor, Andy Zaidman, who gave me a lot of pointers recently. So I have a clear view of what I will need to do in the upcoming weeks. 🙂 It will be nice! I will try to share my findings in my blog as well, but my NDA might limit me a bit there, so let’s see. 🙂

Other than that bunq is all about doing things differently, so instead of a really formal dinner with all suits and super polite business talks we had a really nice dinner with the entire team together, and afterwards there was a drive-inn casino! Super awesome! These informal events are something I really like about bunq, as well as that every 6 weeks we are moved to different offices. So one week I sit together with another developer, the next office shuffle I end up with Guides (support employees) and Marketing people.

Party and drive-inn casino at bunq's HQ (the bunqr)

Party and drive-inn casino at bunq’s HQ (the bunqr)

Last thing I wanted to share; you might have heard already, but we were caught by a lot of snow last week here in The Netherlands. Which, when travelling by train, is always really inconvenient. (Do mind, biking is not really advised either). But the train schedule tends to get a mess quickly with snow, luckily I barely had any delays, and one day when I arrived home I found this awesome family of snowmen at my front door.

Snowmen at my frontdoor

Snowman at my frontdoor

Right now the Christmas holidays are coming up, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2o18!


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