Sander van den Oever

Sander van den Oever
Computer Science student

Track: Software Technology
Interests: Software (Web) Engineering
Occupation: PHP Developer

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Hi all,

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Sander van den Oever, 22 years old and a student at TU Delft. I’m following the Software Technology track of the Computer Science master program. I’m living in a student building in Delft, near the university. Next to studying I work at a start-up in Schiedam called rentomato, where I’m working as a PHP Developer. I’ve chosen to follow the Computer Science program in Delft. Why? It felt like a logical step after finishing my Bachelors in Delft. I like Delft for it’s (international) reputation, the city, it’s location and the career prospects.

As I said I’ve completed my Bachelor here in Delft, which means by now I’m quite familiar with Delft and the university. I’ve started in 2011, with the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. I soon discovered that I was more interested in just the domain of Computer Science, which is why I switched during my first year. I’ve completed my Bachelor Computer Science in nominal time (three years) and now I’m in my first year of the Master program. I was not entirely sure about which track to choose for this master. There are two tracks; Software Technology and Data Science and Technology. The difference is mostly in the courses taught in the core of the tracks. For both tracks you have to choose a number of courses from a given list, although the lists overlap as well, they differ in some places. I checked which courses from the cores I wanted to follow and after that I had a look which track matched best with that list. So that’s how I got to Software Technology.

Now, the real challenge was to compose my so called ‘IEP’ (Individual Exam Programme, also referred to as ‘ISP’, Individual Study Plan). Next to the core courses you have to pick a number of courses out of a list with ‘free electives’ as well. Finding courses that are interesting is not too hard, making them fit together in your schedule is a whole other story. For now I’ve decided to follow to following courses; Web Science and Engineering (WSE)Compiler Construction (CC) and Functional Programming (FP). Initially I also followed Advanced Algorithms but this course took me too much time and therefore I decided to stop following the course (I’ll replace it or retry next year). That’s the good thing about your IEP, it’s not necessarily binding. If you feel the need, and you can convince your Master coordinator about the need to change your IEP, you can make changes along the road.

Let me get back to the courses; the first one will not be too much of a surprise probably. Web engineering definitely is a really interesting topic (otherwise I wouldn’t be working as a Web developer) so the WSE course was an easy pick. Next to that I’m really interested in how different program languages work, how they can be used, etc. I liked the Concepts of Programming Languages course in the Bachelor, Compiler Construction seems like the ‘next step’ there. Furthermore there’s the Functional Programming course. It offers you know-how on an entirely different way of programming, which sounds really cool to me. Functional Programming is actually a MOOC (Massive online open course). I’ll explain what the courses are about in the next blog.

In the future blogs I’ll try to give you an impression of what it’s like to study (Computer Science) in Delft and what makes Delft an awesome place to be.

See you next time!

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