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24H-Coding: #winnING

Hi everyone!

Last blog I concluded with a small part on the ING 24H-Coding hackathon. For those of you that do not know what the/a hackathon entails; together with your team you are supposed to deliver a product within a given timeframe. In our case we had 24 hours (non-stop) to build an omni-channel solution for ING.

ING 24H-Coding

Around 12:00 I gathered with 2 other team members at Delft central station. We took the train to The Hague where the latest member of our team joined us. From there we travelled to Amsterdam, via Gouda because of some disruptions. When we arrived at Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA (train station) it was only a 2 minute walk to the event venue. At the entrance they scanned our tickets and we were provided with all necessities like a small towel, sanitary kit, t-shirt and some information + a map of the location. We basically went straight to the main hall (the concert hall) to check out our working space for the upcoming 24 hours. ING arranged a secondary display per team, a router with a fast internet connection and power outlets (pretty useful when coding 24 hours).

24H-Coding: Main hall

Figure: 24H-Coding: Main hall

When we had installed ourselves we went to check out the remainder of the location. In front of the main hall there was some kind of lounge where you could get some (hot) snacks. Around 18:00 dinner would be served here from various mobile food trucks. On the first floor ING placed some resting/entertainment facilities; table soccer, a mechanical bull, game consoles, air hockey, etc. There was a (limited) sleeping facility available at the second floor. ING did a awesome job with the organisation of the event, we had unlimited (free!) food and drinks, there was an oxygen bar, guidance for the student teams, you name it. We had a lot of fun at the event (played a lot of table soccer and air hockey).

24H-Coding: Game zone

Figure: 24H-Coding: Game zone

Despite all the fun and the lack of sleep (except one of us who tried to sleep for a few hours), we still had to fulfil one task; building the product. We submitted an idea where the current ING app would be extended; we would add the ability to create a payment ‘request’ by means of a QR code. These QR’s codes could be generated on a webshop, mobile phone or they could be printed on a poster for instance. Scanning the QR code then would open up the ING app where you’d only have to approve or decline the request to pay (hence the name of our project; ScannING). At the end of the 24 hours we had to pitch our results to (part of) the jury. They selected the best team in each category. Against our expectations we were chosen to be the winner in the student category. Of course there was a reward too; we will have a fancy dinner with two board members of ING in the near future.

24H-Coding: ScannING, winning student team

Figure: 24H-Coding: ScannING, winning student team

You can find all pictures at flickr. The aftermovie can be found on YouTube (our 2 seconds of fame are from 2:44 up to 2:46, playing table soccer, haha).

End of Q3

Apart from the hackathon I did do some other stuff as well in the past month. I finished most of my courses; my team and I have handed in our chapter for the DESOSA book (I’ll add a link when it has been published) and we finished our refactoring of the jMonkeyEngine project. One of the benefits of living in Delft is it’s connection to The Hague and the beach at Scheveningen. Last week I went there to have some delicious ‘Kibbeling’ (fish) at Simonis. Concluding with a late walk on the beach it was an awesome start of the weekend. Whenever you are in Delft, don’t forget to go there. You can go to the famous ‘Pier’ (which re-opened recently) or just walk at the beach. From Delft to Scheveningen takes you approximately an hour by tram (or you can go partly by train, which will be a little faster I guess). Next quarter I will be assisting with the second-year bachelor course called Context project. I still have to decide which courses I will follow next to assisting, but those will probably be the Language Engineering project (by Eelco Visser) and Web Data Management. I’ll update on the courses later when I’ve made up my mind, for now: see ya!

Scheveningen Beach panorama

Figure: Scheveningen Beach panorama. Taken from ‘De Pier’.


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